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Here we go guys

oops i meant good luck guys typo central on my last comment

14 hrs left luck guys :)

good morning guys 16hrs to go!! who's ready? I AM!

@Miguel u comment, do Twitter shares and Pinterest sometimes works

Good night piggyanyas good luck to everyone!

im so ready to find out

28 hrs left who's ready?

whos ready to countdown :) i am

i know i am so ready to find out

35 hrs left who's ready to find out?

Good luck guys! there is 40hrs left! So good luck to everyone :)

Best short film ever!

I love you so much Joey! U deserve all the awards! Ur most talented person I have ever known!

Joey is the best youtuber there is!!

i am so happy for Joey! And proud of him! He so deserves that streamy

today's video was the cutest ever with JANIEL!!

todays video was the most sweetest ever!!

Congrats to everyone involved with ETN! You guys deserved it!!

Joey's dogs are soy latte cute

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